Strategic planning

  • Marketing strategy ~ research leading to customer-driven strategy
  • Activity plans ~ support on producing cohesive and feasible plans to meet National Lottery Heritage Fund guidelines
  • Business planning ~ market-led and integrated feasibility and financial planning
  • Site management plans ~ we’ll help you plan for your future
  • Recreational infrastructure ~ we can use our experience gained from the UK and Europe to help you develop and improve accessibility, connectivity, waymarking, information and the recreational resources at your site for visitors and for activities such as walking, cycling and water sports


  • Applications ~ developing strategies and providing support to gain Lottery, Trust, Government and Corporate funding
  • Project development ~ the planning of community fundraising campaigns



Business development

  • Commercial activities ~ advising on the development of income-generating services
  • Staffing and volunteering ~ advice on staff structures, roles and assisting with recruitment, guidance on volunteer development
  • Cultural activities ~ exhibitions, interpretation, creative projects


  • Marketing, Customer care, Recruitment

We will work with you to provide creative and stimulating solutions to help develop and enhance your workforce