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I have cycled since I was young and growing up on the Isle of Wight. I have early memories of cycling down a hill and forgetting how to brake! I moved from road bikes for pleasure and community at university to mountain bikes in the early 1990’s. The effects of the muscular dystrophy became more noticeable at the end of that decade and in 2003 I acquired an electric mountain bike, quite a few years before they became as commonplace as they are nowadays. Then it involved sourcing a German electric kit via Glasgow and having it fitted locally to a Trek bike. More recently riding without stopping was ok but getting on and off wasn’t! In 2015 I purchased a Hase Lepus recumbent trike and had a electric motor fitted, that has really opened my exploration of the Dorset lanes and the cycle paths of the Netherlands.

We are now using our experience of cycling networks, mapping, infrastructure and facilities to provide advice and support on cycling specific projects and integrating cycling access and facilities into projects.

Our cycling films – all available on the ‘On 3 Wheels’ YouTube channel

A Ride around the Puddles – in June 2020 during lockdown I decided with my son Joey’s help to make a short film showcasing my favourite local ride on my recumbent trike.

A YouTube ‘Short’ filmed in the forest near Breda, Netherlands in June 2023.

An informative ‘Why Dutch Countryside Cycling is the Best in the World: 5 Reasons Why’, filmed in Friesland, Netherlands in July 2022.